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President (F)

Job Type


Key Duties and Responsibilities

The purpose of this position is to provide an opportunity for the newly elected President of the Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Student Association (HWUMSA) to enhance student experience and to focus on student engagement, identity and belonging. In addition, this position requires a good understanding of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) organisational structure and departmental roles, including the day-to-day operations that support the student community and to accomplish specific tasks, as outlined in the key duties and responsibilities below.

This position also works closely with Student Union and Association in Heriot-Watt University (HWU) campuses globally.

Additionally, this position works closely with the Student Life (SL). SL is a section under the Professional Services team at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. SL supports the University aims by providing frontline support services to a wide range of customers – including students, staff, parents and sponsors. Its range of services covers student induction/orientation, counselling and support, disability service, student records and databases administration, Go Global, scholarship and sponsorship administration, international student support office, university front-desk, university merchandise, administration support for student association and career advisory service; as well as supporting student events and activities run by the student clubs and societies.


1. Nominees running for the full-time position must satisfy the following:

  • Studied at least one semester in Heriot-Watt University Malaysia;

  • Either graduating this academic year OR taking a sabbatical during the next academic year 2024/2025; and

  • Able to reside in Malaysia for the 2024/2025 academic year

2. Due to the Malaysian government policies, international students may only run for a full-time position if they currently hold a valid pass that allows them to reside in Malaysia as a non-student. Otherwise, they may only run for a student position.

3. A student or graduate who has served in a full-time elected position in HWUMSA for two terms (i.e., two academic years) or more will not be eligible to run for any elected position in HWUMSA.

Job Description

The role of President exists to represent the views and needs of all students studying at HWUM and developing the student experience.

The President shall be responsible for:

  • Acting as the principal contact for the student bodies and representing the interests of its members to the University and external bodies;

  • Working alongside the University and its composing student led bodies wherever possible to ensure that the Partnership Agreement is fully developed, supported and executed by both student body and University;

  • Functions as the main student representative overseeing any procedure or policy developments and amendments to any governing documents relating to the HWUM Student Association;

  • Working with Edinburgh and Dubai Student Presidents;

  • Serving as a member of Heriot-Watt University Senate under Court, the governing body of the university, where the President sits on the committees of University Committee for Learning and Teaching (UCLT), University Committee for Quality and Standards (UCQS), University Committee of Research and innovation (UCRI) and University Discipline Committee (UDC);

  • Serving as a main student representative for academic matters in the HWUM Learning and Teaching Enhancement Forum and HWU Learning and Teaching Group;

  • Serving as a main student representative for student wellbeing matters in the HWUM Student Welfare Committee;

  • Working with Senior Leadership Team, staff members of Student Life and other university departments;

  • Supporting the Vice-President Academic, Vice-President Community, Vice-President Sports, Vice-President Wellbeing, Secretary, Treasurer, appointed directors, officers and subcommittee members ensuring they have an understanding of all remits;

  • Coordinating a programme of councils projects, events, and initiatives that meet the needs of a diverse range of students and enhance students’ experiences, developing and working in partnerships with other University stakeholders, such as the AHappierU committee and EmPOWER team;

  • Supporting and chairing the Administration Group; coordinating its work and connecting to University discussions;

  • Actively participating in University bodies and committees as required;

  • Proactively engaging with the student body, inform students on the work of the University and issues affecting students;

  • Promoting equal rights and opportunities for the student community.

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