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Independent Election Committee

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) oversees the upcoming HWUMSA election. The commission operates independently from the university and HWUMSA, and is empowered to make decisions regarding the election to ensure they are run smoothly and fairly.


The commission is supported by the election secretariat, consisting of student volunteers. The commissioners are responsible in providing a representative and fair decision in election matters, whereas the secretariat is the team who runs the ins and outs of elections.


Collectively, the commission and election secretariat:

- Runs the HWUMSA elections

- Ensure the fairness & independence of the election

- Act as an authoritative body for the election

- Provide unbiased guidance to the candidates that are running for the election

Members of the IEC

The Independent Election Committee (IEC) is led by an alumni of HWUM, and consist of students with different background, in terms of schools, ethnicity, gender and nationality. Have a look at who's in the IEC for the 2023/2024 Elections!

Members of Election Secretariat

ES Team 2023


Interested to be a part of the Election Secretariat, or want to know more? Contact us at or press I am interested! below.

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