Independent Election Committee

Members of the IEC

The IEC comprises of HWUM students from various schools, and a HWUM alumnus. Members were recruited with the emphasis on having a diverse representation. Have a look at who's in the IEC for the 2021/2022 Elections below!


Nicholas Chong Ing Hooi

Alumnus 2017/2018

Kew Zheng Hao.jpg

Kew Zheng Hao

Actuarial Science, Year 3


Ong Tse Yuen (Michael)

Mechanical Engineering, Year 3

Chong Kai Jin.jpg

Chong Kai Jin (Anson)

Mechanical Engineering, Year 2

Anis Nadhirah.jpg

Anis Nadhirah Yasmin

Accounting & Business Finance, Year 3


Jessica Phoebe Tannery

Foundation in Business

Tengku Irdina.JPG

Tengku Irdina

Accounting & Business Finance, Year 2

An Independent Election Committee (IEC) appointed by the university management will be overseeing the upcoming election. 

The IEC operates independently from the university and HWUMSA, and has the authority to make any decision regarding the election, with the priority of ensuring its fairness.


In addition to running the elections, the IEC is also responsible to:

  • Ensure the fairness & independence of the election

  • Act as an authoritative body for the election

  • Provide general guidance to the candidates