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We would like to establish a creative thinking and innovative culture in Heriot-Watt University. We would like to achieve this by creating a Maker Space for students to work on their innovations and projects. We would also like to cultivate an innovative presence by invention of something useful to help the society in general.  

We will be able to provide the tools for the students to work and develop their ideas, share resources from one another and allow the people to learn from different aspects of working in a project (eg. Business Model, Technical Skills, Design Thinking, etc.) Members will be exposed to all aspects of team building, project management and business model innovation. 

Modern Office
MakerZ Club (President - Michael Ong).jp

Michael Ong, President

Club Email: hwmakerz@gmail.com

MakerZ Club - Vice President (Ng Ren Bin

Ng Ren Bin, Vice President

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