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In Makeup & Fashion Club we have built a community in which we can support each other in the process of learning and improving our skills in makeup and fashion. If you are passionate in these areas but don’t have any idea of where to start, come join us! We organize many beginners’ friendly makeup and fashion tutorials, which are free of charge. It’s not always about tutorials as we have game nights, competitions and many more sessions. We thrive to spread body positivity, self-love and self-confidence in almost all the events/activities we do. Remember that makeup and fashion is for everyone and anyone, gender does not matter ever. We promise that you will have a lot of fun being a part of our club! 

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Nurin Alya Binti Jasmi, Vice President

Phone No: +60125039559

Student Email:

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Amaysha Devi Selvalingam, President

Phone No: +60179015655  

Student Email: aas25@

Club Email: 

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Amera Irrisya Binti Fadzil Akhma, Publicity Manager
(PIC of Club Membership)

Phone No: +60195759056

Student Email: