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Makeup and fashion club was found by Amaysha (currently the president) only one year ago but has reached great heights already. Our club aims to help people realise how important selflove is and beauty standards around the world shouldn’t determine how beautiful you are. You set your own standards. So, our club teaches people basic makeup skills, we come up with fashion and makeup related activities and also give talks on these topics. The biggest achievements for our club are collecting the most fund during the Halloween Charity Drive last year and fashion walk during International’s Day. We did all kind of Halloween makeup from cute cat whiskers to Joker-Harley makeup! The fashion walk was a hit as around 30 of them participated showing off their beautiful culture and three winners were chosen. We also do tutorials for beginner makeup, saree tying tutorial, self-grooming and more. Do join us if you yourself love makeup and fashion. Remember makeup and fashion is for everyone and gender doesn’t matter at all. So, girls and boys please do join us. 

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Amaysha Devi Selvalingam, President

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Kirthana Rajoo, Vice President

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