Netball Club: Celtics

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Gui Jun Nee, President

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Phone No: +60126854262 

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Afifah Sarah, Vice President

Phone No: +60142313506 

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Netball Club (Celtics) aims to empower the students in HWUM to strive for sportsmanship meanwhile foster learnings of skills related to the sports. The club also acts as a medium to create friendships between those of similar interests and an environment that's filled with fun! Celtics is active by having weekly trainings. Some remarkable events we had joined last term were a tournament known as Nottingham Netball Varsity 2020 as well as friendlies with UNMC & IUMW. Celtics was also proudly awarded with the Ripple Effect Award & the Perfect Score Award!  

Our Events

Nottingham Netball Varsity 2020

Nottingham Netball Varsity 2020