Voting on

26th March & 27th March


21st Feb - 14th March

15th March

16th March - 23th March

22nd March

26th March - 27th March

27th March

Nominations Open

Shortlisting of Candidate


Candidate Question Time: Ask Them Anything!


Counting of Ballots and Announcement


There will be three positions up for election:

  • President

  • Vice President of Community

  • Vice President of Wellbeing

If you would like to get a better understanding about HWUMSA or its various position. Please do get in touch with Nicholas Chong at or +60124203909.


The President of the Union acts as the spokesperson. You are often the first point of contact for university and media enquiries.


As president your work will predominantly be focussed on academic affairs and global representation, working with colleagues in Galashiels, Orkney, Dubai and Malaysia to ensure that student views are fully represented. At some point you may even visit our international campuses.

The President sits on University Senate as well as a number of University Committees such as University Learning & Teaching Committees and Global Student Staff Liaison Committee. You will also sit in a number of Local Committees such as Learning & Teaching Enhancement Forum and Malaysia Campus Safety & Health Committees. 


You’ll also chair Monthly School Officer meetings, where you’ll gather regular feedback on important issues within each school. On top of that, you will be coordinating the class rep panel, which will happen at least once per semester.

Vice President of Community

The Vice-President of Community is the first contact for any student events or student clubs related enquiries.


You will be working closely with the professional development officers, sports officer, community service officer, Arts & Culture Officer, all the club presidents as well as staff from the Student Support Services (SSS) to ensure that students have a wide variety of activities for them.

Together with your team of officers, you will be coordinating the President's Meeting, which happens at least twice per semester. The President's Meeting is attended by all club presidents and is a great place to get ideas going as well as make major announcement on Club and Societies Policies. 

Vice President of Wellbeing

The Vice President of Wellbeing is the main person that looks after student welfare and student experince in the university. 


This is a new position introduced by HWUMSA 2017/2018 to ensure that HWUMSA will be able to take care of the overall student experince in the university. 

You will be working closely with the president, school officer, academic officer, accommodation officer, campus welfare officer, international officer and the various professional service department to improve the student experince in Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. 

Candidate Question Time: Ask Them Anything!

You may submit your questions that you want to ask the candidates. These questions will be asked during the Ask Them Anything! session conducted on the 21st of March.

These questions will only be accessible to Student Support Service and won't be disclosed to the candidates nor current HWUMSA Team until the event day itself.


Nominations are now open till the 2nd of March, Friday 5:00pm.


In order to nominate yourself, kindly fill up the nomination form and submit it to Student Support Service (SSS) reception counter or email it to​. You will need two student from HWUM to be your seconder as well. Link to the form can be found below.

Do note that the Elections will be run by the Student Support Service, from the nominations until the counting of ballot. The current HWUMSA team will not be involved in the process. This is to ensure a fair chance for all students for the election.